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Restylane® Facial Filler

RESTYLANE SILK: an FDA approved cosmetic dermal filler designed to restore volume and fullness to the lips and lines around the mouth. The Restylane multi-use product line is used for fine to moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds of all types, from the fine lines around the lips to deep nasolabial folds. It provides instant and long-lasting wrinkle correction.

Restylane Silk can be used to provide patients with natural looking lips that are fuller and have enhanced contoured edges. Restylane Silk is formulated with Lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and injected with a very small, thin needle. The fine consistency of Restylane Silk makes this a perfect option for creating the “cupid’s bow” for further definition.

What are “cupid bow” lips?

The “cupid’s bow” is the double curve of the upper lip, resembling the bow of Cupid, Roman god of love. The upper lip is believed to be most attractive when it is well-defined and when the two sides look the same. Everyone’s facial structure is different, and so is everyone's ideal lip shape and size. Restylane Silk is designed to provide precise lip shaping and line control, resulting in silkier, smoother lips and with natural-looking results.



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